Practical information

Main entrance and box office

To reach the main entrance of the Lotto Arena, follow the indicated route that starts at the left of the Lotto Arena. The ticket office is located on the street side. Check out the map below for more information.


You can attend shows and concerts at the be•at venues with complete peace of mind. All our venues comply with government-imposed ventilation standards. Depending on the color of the Coronavirus barometer, we also take into account the visitor capacity, so that our events can proceed in complete safety.

For more information on the impact of the corona barometer on your event, please visit the Help Center.


  • Preferably do not bring too large items to the venue.
  • The Lotto Arena has lockers available at the entrance square at entrance 14.
  • The price for a locker is 7 or 9 euros, depending on the size of the locker.

Opening of the doors

Information on timing, safety and mobility can be found at the bottom of the details page a few days before the event. The doors usually open one and a half hours before the start of the event. From then on you can go to the bars for a snack and a drink.

Access to the venue

  • Always offer your own ticket at the entrance and not someone else's. That way scanning goes much more smoothly and you avoid waiting at the door.
  • Do you save your tickets on your phone? Then make sure your ticket is clearly visible. That means: full clarity and no cracks in your screen.
  • Do not bring any luggage, (large) handbags or (back) bags and respond correctly to any requests from security. Bags may not be larger than 21 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm (A4 format).
  • It is forbidden to enter the venue with bottles, cans, alcohol, sound recorders, film and photo cameras, fireworks and objects that may pose a safety hazard. Smartphones with a photo function are tolerated unless otherwise specified.
  • Photographing and filming during the event is prohibited, unless otherwise determined by the organizer. Entering the venue implies consent to possible searches.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the venue.